Poll: Fox Is Most and Least Trusted News Network

By Mark Joyella Comment

The pollsters at Quinnipiac University asked Americans about TV news, and as you’d expect, Americans gave confusing answers. According to the poll, America’s most trusted news network is Fox News–20% trust Fox “a great deal,” and 35% trust Fox “somewhat.” 26% of respondents said they didn’t trust Fox at all, which puts Fox on top of both the most-trusted and least-trusted lists.

As for Brian Williams, 35% say he should be fired, 42% say bring Brian back. Hope that helps, Andy Lack. And while the oft-told joke goes that Williams should replace Jon Stewart at “The Daily Show,” Americans who responded to the Quinnipiac poll disagreed. Williams got just 7% of the vote, which was led by Tina Fey, with 19%, and Dennis Miller with 16%. Hope that helps, Comedy Central.