Political Foes Learn to Walk the Same Road

By Chris Ariens 

Yesterday we asked you who was wearing a certain pair of sneakers, and why. Turns out the shoes fit two CBS News political analysts who follow two different political paths. But on the final night of the DNC, they were walking the same, very long road.

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CBS News political analysts Joe Trippi and Dan Bartlett show off their new sneakers at the RNC last week.

CBS News Political Analysts Dan Bartlett and Joe Trippi come from different sides of the political aisle: Bartlett is the former communications director for President George W. Bush and Trippi is a long-time Democratic consultant.

As part of the CBS News political team, the national conventions marked the first time the two have worked side-by-side. That “togetherness” reached new levels in Denver, on the night Barack Obama accepted the Democratic nomination for president at Invesco Field.

When CBS’s prime time coverage and Webcast had concluded, Bartlett, Trippi and political consultant Marc Ambinder found themselves without transportation to their hotel, when the Secret Service prevented a fleet of buses from leaving the stadium.

The trio decided to do the only logical thing: walk. As Trippi tells it, the journey took them over a fence, up a barren hill and down a desolate highway that had also been blocked. “I always wondered what a border crossing would be like,” Trippi told his CBS colleagues.

“It started as an adventure, but that faded quickly. I was leading the pack. Dan was about 10 feet behind, whining about his stiff dress shoes being ruined, and Marc was trailing, talking politics non-stop,” Trippi says.

About 3.5 miles later, the three finally made it to their hotel, and in the spirit of bipartisan politics, here’s Bartlett’s take on the outing: “I was the pacesetter for the entire trip, and Trippi was second-guessing the route the whole time.”

When CBS News Vice President of Talent and Development Barbara Fedida heard about the long walk home, she sent these new Nikes in case the trio lost their way in St. Paul. They didn’t. But the walk back to Minneapolis would have been a sight to see.