Piers Morgan’s Twitter Favorites: Rupert Murdoch and Keith Olbermann

By Alex Weprin 

CNN’s Piers Morgan has become a Twitter convert. “It really is addicting isn’t it?” he said over lunch late last week. While Morgan certainly know how to dish it out, he says he has a particular taste in who he follows. Among his favorites: his former boss, News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, Alec Baldwin, Current TV host Keith Olbermann, and any celebrity that doesn’t just ude their account for spinning purposes.

“I am obsessed with Rupert’s tweets, they are absolutely hysterical,” Morgan says, adding that “my ultimate nightmare as an editor would be Rupert Murdoch on Twitter.”

As for Baldwin, “he tweets how you should tweet, which is entirely instinctively, and it is dangerous because it is real,” Morgan says. “The ones I hate are those who tweet their charitable work, You are like ‘oh give me a break.'”

When asked about Olbermann’s habit of responding to negative criticism through Twitter, Morgan says he is all for it, and it is part of what makes the Current host so appealing to follow.

“He is just very easy to wind up, and therefore a very delicious target,” Morgan said.

The CNN host loves to respond to critics on the service as well, particularly if they misspell a word or two.

“If they call you a douchebag and spell it d-o-o-sh, bingo! Because then they become the joke,” he quipped.