Piers Morgan Taking the Wheel at ‘Top Gear’? Just Imagine.

By Mark Joyella 

Just imagine. The high-octane, stunt-packed phenomenon that is “Top Gear,” only with Piers Morgan replacing Jeremy Clarkson. That idea may never have crossed your mind, but with Clarkson dropped today by the BBC after a “physical assault on a producer that required hospital treatment,” one man has definitely been thinking of putting some Piers in “Top Gear.” Obviously, that person would be Piers Morgan himself.

Morgan, who will be filling in on the ITV morning show “Good Morning Britain” in April, dropped in a few nudges to the BBC via Twitter:

“Top Gear” is described as the world’s most-watched fact-based program, with an average audience of about five million people. Just the kind of global platform Piers Morgan would relish. Just think about it. If Morgan needs a reel, ITV digital producer Lindsey Bowers has already volunteered to help:

The Daily Mail, where Morgan toils as U.S. editor-at-large, was quick to note Clarkson had updated his Twitter bio to reflect his status as ex-“Top Gear” presenter: