Phoenix Airport Banishes Cable News Channels From Public TV Sets

By Alex Weprin 

Do you watch a lot of cable news? Well you won’t be if you ever fly out of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. The Powers-That-Be have banned cable news channels like CNN and Fox News from the big-screen televisions located throughout the terminal.

What is behind this nefarious plot to keep travelers less informed?

“Fox and CNN generate complaints because some passengers see them as politically biased,” he said. “There are also some passengers who desire to watch one sports game over another.”

Although there have been relatively few complaints about FOX and CNN – a handful or so directed at each network – it’s an indication that there are strong feelings and it’s probably best that the airport avoid the bickering if possible, Sexton said.

In place of the television networks, the airport screens will present flight and weather data and “information that is politically neutral and relevant to passengers.”

How exciting.