Pew Survey: Where Do You Get Your News?

By Brian 

People in the Pew study who said they get most of their news about national and international issues from television were also asked to identify the specific networks they watch most often. Their responses:

CNN: 18%

Fox News: 16%

Local news: 13%

ABC News: 12%

NBC News: 12%

CBS News: 9%


CNBC: 2%

While CNN still ranks #1, (giving Roger Ailes another reason to declare that Pew is a “liberal lobbying organization”), its audience share has declined in the Pew study. In January 2002, 28% of respondents said CNN was the network they got their news from most often; It declined to 26% in August 2003 and 20% by December 2004. A similar trend is evident for MSNBC, which peaked in July 2003 with 9%.