Petition War: Bill Feels Bad For Phil

By Brian 

Bill O’Reilly is apparently using the three-year anniversary of Phil Donahue‘s firing as his excuse for his petition.

“It was three years ago this month that MSNBC fired Mr. Donahue for low ratings. We felt bad for Phil. They didn’t give him much of a chance,” he said on Thursday’s Factor.

Then on Friday’s show, John Olivier in Huntsville, Texas asked in a letter: “Bill, why in the world would you want to bring Phil Donahue back on the air? Did you make friends with him when he visited ‘The Factor?'”

O’Reilly responded: “No way we’re friends, sir, but Mr. Donahue…was treated unfairly by MSNBC, who fired him for low ratings. But Phil’s ratings were higher than what they’ve got now three years later. So bring back Phil in the interest of fair play. Sign our petition.”