Peter King Asks ESPN Columnist for Help

By Noah Davis 

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column is the reason we always start the week 20 to 30 minutes behind schedule. It’s a must-read, filled with nuggets that only King – one of the best sourced (and most liked) men in the business – can deliver.

This week’s column is no exception. King tackles the Michael Vick-Donovan McNabb battle with intelligence and aplomb, offers some tidbits on LaDainian Tomlinson’s off-season training regiemn, and gives Roddy White deserved props. Then, however, things get a bit weird.

When discussing the 2011 draft, King asks ESPN’s Todd McShay for help.

4. I think the quarterback crop for the 2011 draft is taking shape nicely, with one of the top prospects looking great for a half Saturday night in Eugene, Ore., before the roof fell in. I asked ESPN’s Todd McShay to give me his top five college quarterbacks, and here’s his list, complete with his projected overall pick in the draft in parentheses, or, in one case, a school returnee:

a. Andrew Luck, Stanford (1)
b. Jake Locker, Washington (10).
c. Ryan Mallett, Arkansas (17).
d. Blaine Gabbert, Missouri (return to school for senior year).
e. Christian Ponder, Florida State (46).

King, who pens Monday Morning Quarterback for, also works for NBC and is well within his right to get the thoughts of anyone he wants. But why go to a competitor, especially since boasts Stewart Mandel’s College Football Overtime and a host of other college football columnists. You have to wonder if asking McShay ticked off King’s bosses just a bit.