People Are Not Happy That ‘In Session’ Has Been Cut During Jodi Arias trial

By Alex Weprin 

Today is the day that TruTV trimmed its dayside court coverage In Session down to two hours a day from six hours a day. TruTV laid off a number of staffers as a result of the cutback. In its place the network is airing some acquired series, as well as replays of primetime originals like “Lizard Lick Towing.”

The timing of the move couldn’t have been worse for TruTV. While In Session typically did alright in the Nielsen Ratings, right now the “trial of the year” is happening in the Jodi Arias case, and loyal viewers have been glued to their TVs. In Session has been averaging around a half million viewers as a result.

With little warning, regular viewers suddenly had four fewer hours of coverage, and they took to the TruTV and In Session Facebook pages to vent. The comments mirror those that have been flooding into the TVNewser tip box since the change this morning:


TruTV,you SUCK!! In Session was the only programing you offered that was not JUNK! It was bad enough when You changed from Court TV to TruTV. This station is now possibly the worse one on television! It just goes to show that you have NO loyalty to your viewer’s, who have been following this trial from the start! Again, You SUCK!

JODIE aries trial! where is it??????

Where is the Jodi Arias trial today? Is someone sick? I mean really Lizard Lick Towing? That show is more scripted than a Soap Opera! You do realize that show is fake right? I hope you do Court TV because, we all know that show is not reaL! I am furious that court tv wont even tell us why the Jodi Arias Trial isn’t even on tv today!

How rude! No warning! Just made us go to HLN to watch one minute of trial and hours of commercials!!! I am bummed!

If the change was made when there wasn’t such a high-profile trial, it is unlikely that there would have been so much outrage