PEJ: Yup, Ron Paul Gets Less Coverage Than Other Candidates

By Alex Weprin 

The Project for Excellence in Journalism looked into the still-brewing debate over whether Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex.) gets fair coverage compared to other candidates that have declared (or in some cases not) for the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination.

Paul placed a very, very, very close second to Michele Bachmann at the Iowa Straw Poll, but he did not receive second-place coverage, as noted by “The Daily Show” earlier this week.

According to PEJ, Paul received less coverage than essentially all of the Republican nominees, as well as a few people that have not declared, such as Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. President Obama received the most coverage, but that is not surprising as he is in-office, and much of that coverage was not campaign-related.

PEJ also looked specifically at the network morning andevening news programs, primetime cable news programs and Sunday morning shows on August 14 and 15. The results?

According to that analysis, Paul was mentioned just 29 times. By comparison, Perry was mentioned 371 times, Bachmann was mentioned 274 times, and Romney was mentioned 183 times.