PBS May Also Be Victim of Sting Video By Conservative Filmmaker James O’Keefe

By Alex Weprin 

NPR may not be the only public media outlet to be pranked by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe. The NY Times reports that PBS also met with the fictitious Muslim group that claimed to be looking to to donate to their organization.

An NPR spokesperson told the Times that the executive that met the group investigated them and saw a number of red flags:

“Attempts to confirm the credentials of the organization proved unsatisfactory and communication was halted by PBS,” she said.

Last night, “The Daily Show took on the NPR/O’Keefe video, with Stewart calling O’Keefe “The Ashton Kutcher of the conservative movement”:

PBS airs a number of television news programs, including the “PBS NewsHour,” “Need to Know” and the “Nightly Business Report,” among others.

Back in September, O’Keefe tried to prank then-CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau by luring her onto a boat before attempting to “seduce” her.

That plan failed when one of O’Keefe’s partners alerted Boudreau to the prank beforehand.