Party Crashers Postpone Larry King Appearance

By Chris Ariens 

We won’t be hearing from Michaele and Tareq Salahi Monday night on CNN. The network confirms with TVNewser that the so-called White House party crashers have “postponed” their appearance on “Larry King Live” Monday night. Not surprising, considering the Salahis are facing criminal charges for making their way into Tuesday night’s state dinner.

But they may still have a future on TV. There was a camera from the show “Real Housewives” following the Salahis. The Virginia couple made it through cocktails and into the receiving line, meeting Pres. and Mrs. Obama. The White House released the photo above late yesterday. Bravo TV, which airs “Real Housewives,” released a statement saying, “The decision as to who will be included in the series will not be made for several months.”

But as today’s NYTimes story puts it: “By the sometimes twisted logic of reality TV, it is hard to tell whether the publicity surrounding the state dinner would help or hinder the couple’s goals.”

So what do you think?

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