Overheard During the Laura Ling – Euna Lee

By kevin 

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This morning, from the time the plane carrying Laura Ling and Euna Lee touched down until Ling came to the mic to speak, there was that sometimes awkward news coverage downtime – at least a half hour, by our count. And during these kinds of events we invariably end up overhearing lots of interesting, improvised and sometimes (we’re lookin’ at you today, Carlson) inaccurate remarks from the tvnewsers. Here are some of our favorites:

FNC’s “Fox & Friends”:

Steve Doocy: We heard from one of the fathers of one of the young women saying, you know, ‘I’m going to let her have it’ from being that close out there.

Gretchen Carlson: Much will be discussed about how this all happened and whether or not they should have even been this close to the Iranian border or in fact, were they in Iran? Many say they were not in Iran when they were taken…

ABC News correspondent Martha Raddatz on GMA:

In July, they called their parents and said the North Koreans had told them that if President Clinton came to North Korea, they would be freed. Apparently, they did not want Al Gore to go over there.

CNN “American Morning” co-anchor John Roberts:

Sun coming up on that aircraft as they open the doors. It’s like out of a Harrison Ford movie, isn’t it?

NBC’s “Today” show:

Andrea Mitchell: [Hillary] said she talked to [Bill] and very briefly, she didn’t have a lot of details because his cell phone went out. I know from being over there how bad the connections are. So he tried to tell her how exciting it was to have the moment with these two young women.

That one’s like shooting fish in a barrel.