“O’Reilly: Special Victims Unit”

By Brian 

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In the latest edition of The New Yorker, Nicholas Lemann writes about “Bill O’Reilly‘s baroque period.”

“O’Reilly has been playing O’Reilly so successfully for so long, and has developed such a substantial library of hooks, tics, and subplots, that he sometimes seems to be parodying himself, or parodying Colbert’s parody of him,” Lemann says.

I think this is the most revealing paragraph: “If what you know about The O’Reilly Factor comes mainly from its opponents on the left — from movies like Outfoxed and Web sites like Media Matters — and you watch it regularly for a while, you’’l be surprised by how little of the content these days is political. The O’Reilly Factor is, increasingly, not a conservative show but a cop show — O’Reilly: Special Victims Unit, perhaps — devoted particularly to sex offenders.” Here’s the full essay…