O’Reilly on Interviewing Obama: ‘He Can Do 6 Minutes on Your Sneakers’

By Mark Joyella 

Tonight, Fox News Channel anchor Bret Baier interviews presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in her first sit-down on FNC since a town hall with Baier in March.

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly offered advice to Baier on the interview, saying Clinton is tough to pin down–just like the man she hopes to succeed, President Obama. O’Reilly said Obama is exceptionally good at running out the clock in short interviews. “He can do six minutes on your sneakers, six minutes on your fingernails, anything. And (Clinton) can too.”

O’Reilly urged Baier to try and pin Clinton down by asking a series of yes or no questions. “She’s going to come in with her talking points, and if you interrupt her you look like me, and you don’t want that.”

Baier interviews Clinton on Special Report, tonight at 6 p.m. ET.