O’Reilly Ignores Kristof’s Darfur Challenge

By Brian 

In the New York Times, columnist Nicholas Kristof said we should all pray for Bill O’Reilly, and invited the FNC host to Darfur. On Monday’s Factor, O’Reilly completely ignored the challenge to “come with me” to “a real war on Christmas.” Instead, he said:

“While I always appreciate prayers, Mr. Kristof, you are sadly misguided, Sir. As anyone who watches this program knows, we donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to the poor each year through proceeds from billoreilly.com. In fact, I think it is safe to say this year alone, I have donated more money to help the poor than you have in your entire life. What say you, Nicholas Kristof?”

You can read O’Reilly’s full response here. O’Reilly talked about Darfur, but never responded to the challenge. “But in the spirit of Christmas, I’ve asked St. Nicholas to bring our pal Nicholas a special gift — the wisdom to see what’s really going on in this country and to do some honest analysis,” O’Reilly concluded…