O’Reilly and Kerry Team Up For GIs

By SteveK 

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FNC’s Bill O’Reilly is teaming up with a famous Democratic senator for his latest endeavor — John Kerry. The Long Island Press reports that O’Reilly and Kerry, as well as New York Rep. Peter King, are working together to get a new GI Bill passed.

The bill that O’Reilly and the congressmen are pushing would boost benefits to returning GIs, “including covering four years of college, making reservists’ pay equal to active soldiers’ pay, and allowing benefits to be used for housing, bills and other needs,” reports the Press.

Authored by King’s office, O’Reilly reached out to the New York congressmen and frequent Factor guest last year. O’Reilly approached Kerry for support, and he “reacted enthusiastically,” reports the paper.

“We knew if we wanted to get something done, we would have to pull both sides of the aisle together,” said O’Reilly.

O’Reilly will be receiving monthly updates from Kerry and King on FNC.