Online Book Will 'Lift the Lid on Some of the Biggest Names in the Footballing World'

By Cam Martin 

Bryan Cooney, a freelance broadcaster with BBC Radio Scotland and regular contributor to Scotland’s Sunday Herald, is releasing an online book that reportedly “reaches under the fingernails of some of football’s biggest personalities, past and present,” including Manchester United coach Sir Alex Ferguson and the late former manager of England, Sir Alf Ramsey.

Fingerprints of a Football Rascal will be published in August on Amazon Kindle, and will reportedly include tales of drinking binges with Ramsey and an exclusive interview that Cooney procured with Ferguson on the night he joined Man U.

“In these days of PR orchestration, journalists are rarely allowed to get close to those on high. My good fortune was that I was allowed direct access to some of the biggest names on the planet.

“I doubt if these stories will ever be replicated. Among other things, I got absolutely paralytic with Sir Alf Ramsey one day – and almost died in doing so.

“I was close to fisticuffs with Harry Redknapp in the Savoy, secured an exclusive interview with Alex Ferguson on the night he joined Manchester United…and fell foul of the great Jock Stein.

“I was up close and fairly personal with a lot of these men…and sometimes it wasn’t a pretty sight. But there were and are a host of amusing and controversial anecdotes.”

Cooney was formerly the head of the sports department at The Daily Mail and previous wrote the autobiography of former Celtic and Scotland player George Connelly.