On Anchor ‘Style,’ And Megyn Kelly

By Alex Weprin 

Fox News Channel’s Megyn Kelly is profiled by the fashion section of the Los Angeles Times. Kelly is the focus, but the article also pulls back the curtain a bit on where news anchors get their always-changing wardrobes:

The demands of Kelly’s schedule require an early start each morning at 6:30 a.m. in her Upper West Side apartment, where she begins to devour the information packets her assistant puts together each day to prepare her for the guests who will appear at 1 p.m. on “America Live.” She also checks headlines from several sources, all of which she reads electronically. It helps that her wardrobe has been streamlined with Marder’s help.

The stylist has what Kelly calls a “trunk show” twice a year, bringing Fox News anchors a selection of clothing she has approved. Talent, including Kelly, can pick what they want to wear for the season from the approved selection, mixing and matching pieces to create new looks. During this busy election year, Kelly chose two of her favorite blazer shapes and Marder had them remade in several different colors to make packing and getting dressed a no-brainer, especially while Kelly travels to various cities on the campaign trail.