On a Slow News Day… There’s This…

By Chris Ariens 

If you’ve worked in a newsroom, you know as soon as you utter the words, “it’s a slow news day” something happens. Today, something happened. It’s not big news, but bizarre enough that you’ll probably see it tonight on the network evening newscasts and morning shows tomorrow.

Here’s what happened: as a JetBlue flight arrived at New York’s JFK airport from Pittsburgh, a flight attendant got so angry with a passenger who’d gotten up from his seat too soon, that the flight attendant deployed the emergency chute, slid down, ran through the terminal, got his car and drove home. Police caught up with him later this afternoon.

Gawker has more on flight attendant Steven Slater from his MySpace page: “My airline affiliation allows me amazing travel privileges, and I love to max it out with trips around the world, sometimes on a moment’s notice!”