Olbermann Shines In “Serious Moments”

By Brian 

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The NY Post’s Liz Smith praises MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann for his serious moments:

“One of them came last Thursday night, when he was the only anchor to express some healthy skepticism over the city’s subway terrorist scare. He noted that this was at least the 13th time since 9/11 that on the day or week of bad news for the White House (The latest Karl Rove mess, the controversial choice of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court, six ignored soldier deaths in Iraq), a terrorist warning has been leaked.

Not only that, Olbermann was reading wire stories, arriving as he was on-air — government agencies disagreeing with one another, coming to the conclusion that the threat info was ‘doubtful’ in its veracity.

Knock off the slapstick, Keith. You’ve got the right stuff.”