Olbermann: O’Reilly “Still Dominating That Important Demographic, 65 to Dead”

By SteveK 

The Keith Olbermann jabs at Bill O’Reilly continued on Friday, with Olbermann naming the FNC host the “Worse Person in the World” for something O’Reilly said the night before.

O’Reilly used the cable ranker to show off FNC’s dominance. “Fox News ranked number six in prime time. That’s among all cable channels. CNN, 22, MSNBC 30, right behind the Tomato Channel,” he said. (Apparently VH1 is the Tomato Channel.)

So, Olbermann turned that around and touted his numbers in the younger demos, A25-54, A18-49 and A18-34. Countdown was the top-rated cable news show in A18-34 in July.

In the A25-54 demo, the demo most commonly used by the cablers to sell advertising, the Factor averaged 444,000 viewers and Countdown averaged 347,000.

“Don’t worry, Bill, you’re still dominating that important demographic, 65 to dead,” Olbermann said.

But, it turns out older viewers do turn out for Olbermann too.
Countdown averaged 320,000 in 65+, more than double his average in the A18-34 demo (134,000). The O’Reilly Factor had 1,237,000 in 65+.

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