Olbermann Now a Regular at Daily Kos

By SteveK 

Two weeks ago TVNewser noted that MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann wrote a blog post at leftie political site Daily Kos. It appears that he is now a regular at the site.

Last night he posted his third entry in less than two weeks, and again it was followed by a litany of comments. But this time, apparently Olbermann was hanging around to check out the comments, as he has posted six himself on his own story.

Some of his comments refute readers that brought up points of disagreement with the Olbermann post. Others were lighter. “Can’t tell you what I’m getting for my birthday but the astute observer may notice it during our South Carolina coverage Saturday night on MS (plug),” he wrote.

Some in the blogosphere have raised questions about Olbermann’s role at the site, which describes itself as “a Democratic blog, a partisan blog.” Noel Sheppard at Newsbusters writes, “Consider again the media firestorm that would come from (Brit) Hume or (Chris) Wallace doing the same thing at a conservative website. Think such a demonstration of rightwing bias and partisanship would raise a few eyebrows?”

The two FNC hosts Sheppard names are news hosts differing from what Olbermann does on Countdown. Still, Olbermann has hosted an early debate and regularly hosts their presidential primary coverage (including tonight’s).

An MSNBC spokesperson told TVNewser that Olbermann okay’ed the original blog entry with MSNBC executives before it ran. He certainly can’t be doing that for every comment he posts, however.