Olbermann & Milbank Are Going To Have So Much Fun With This

By Brian 

Hotline’s Emily Goodin transcribed some of the conversation on last night’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann. The WP’s Dana Milbank talked about Tony Snow as WH press secretary:

“It does raise some questions. We first have to ask if Tony’s going to get back pay, and we then have to ask, is this just the beginning of a trend? Does Sean Hannity replace Rumsfeld at the Pentagon? Does Bill O’Reilly get the FBI? Then the man is really going to have some cops, Keith, and your viewers are going to be in some serious trouble.” Olbermann: “I’m screwed.”

> Also: Per NewsBusters, Olbermann also referenced FNC’s demo rating drops when he mentioned the “increasingly smaller group of people who believe Fox News is the sole source of truth in the world.”