Olbermann Calculates A 28:1 Victory For The “Dying Liberal” Media

By Brian 

Keith Olbermann responds to e-mailers who tell him that “liberal network television news is dead and people only watch Fox News now.” But the statistics “just don’t bear it out,” he says, and prints the ratings from Monday, March 11 as proof. He adds up the ratings for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and Headline News — all the networks that are seen, “from the far-right perspective, as left-wing hogwash, or worse,” and compares them to FNC:

      Dying Network Newscasts: 28,234,000

      Fox News (Brit Hume): 1,013,000

Olbermann’s conclusion: “Looks like a 28:1 victory for the dying liberals over the ascendant conservatives.”