Oklahoma City Bombing, 10 Years Later

By Brian 

> Quoting the NY Times: “There are already some 600 journalists and technicians registered from 87 news outlets, and on the sidewalk alongside the memorial this weekend workers were banging together risers for television and still cameras.”

> Brian Williams anchored NBC Nightly News from Oklahoma City on Monday, and will do so again tonight.

> CNN has been promoting a full day of coverage, beginning with Bill Hemmer live from OK City on American Morning. Wolf Blitzer will interview former Gov. Frank Keating at 5pm, and in a CNN exclusive, Paula Zahn Now will broadcast “a message from Oklahoma City co-conspirator Terry Nichols and an interview with his ex-wife.”

> FNC presented “The Oklahoma City Bombing; Unanswered Questions” on Sunday night. The special delved into “the remaining questions” and “mysteries surrounding the execution and planning of the terrorist attack.” It explored the theories that Middle Eastern terrorists or white supremacist gangs could have been involved.