Ochocinco Hosts Raw, More Interested In Jets-Ravens

By Marcus Vanderberg 

Fresh off his 12 catches for 159 yards against the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco spent his off day as guest star of WWE’s Raw on Monday night.

Ochocinco got a warm welcome from the Cincinnati crowd as he entered the ring to cut the opening promo until the WWE’s United State Champion, “The Miz,” interrupted the festivities.

The former Real World: Chicago reality star (Mike Mizanin) and Ohio native insulted Ochocinco and Bengals fans, referring to them as the “Bungles” following their 38-24 Week 1 loss.

After “The Miz” told Ochocinco his number 85 represents the number of dropped passes he would have this season, Chad got a chance to use his signature phrase, “Child, please.”

Ochocinco ended the opening segment by selecting an opponent for ‘The Miz,” rival Daniel Bryan.

You would assume Ochocinco, never shy to tweet during a live sporting event, was sharing his experience on Raw with his 1.2 million followers, right?


“Watching the Jets n Ravens game and its a defensive game all the way, small flashes of offense from both sides, good game,” Ochocinco tweeted backstage during his guest star duties.

In fact, there was no mention of the WWE in his Twitter timeline, which only proves his heart wasn’t really into his 15 minutes of sports entertainment fame.