Obama in Montana Selling Healthcare Reform

By Chris Ariens 

The three cable news networks are carrying Pres. Obama’s town hall meeting in Montana in full, so far. As FNC’s Shepard Smith put it, “This is going to be different from other presidential town hall meetings, because this time we’re told, the audience has a different makeup, and this time it’s possible that some of the people who’ve been so upset may actually get to pose their questions to the president himself.”

So, the White House gets extensive healthcare reform coverage, but risks being upstaged by some rowdy town hall-goers. We’ll monitor and add updates under the images:

> 3:28 – The promter goes down and the jacket comes off as Pres. Obama opens it up to crowd: “We haven’t preselected anybody, or pre-screened the questions…”

> 3:43 – A questioner, “a proud NRA member” says, “I get my news from the cable networks because I don’t like the spin that comes from those other places.” Obama responds, “Oh, you got be careful about them cable networks. That’s okay.”

> 3:50 – To Randy, the NRA member, Obama says: “I appreciate your question and the respectful way you asked it. And, by the way, I believe in the Constitution too.”

> 4:04 – “Why is it that you changed your strategy from healthcare reform to health insurance reform and decided to vilify the insurance companies?”

> 4:06 – Final questioner doesn’t ask a question, but reads the preamble to the Montana constitution.