Obama – Clinton Meeting, NBC News First

By Chris Ariens 

MSNBC’s Dan Abrams was first to report the news that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton met Thursday night to discuss the finalization of the democratic primary for president and uniting the party. At 9:09pmET, Abrams related the news as it was being read to him by a producer: “NBC’s political director Chuck Todd confirming that Barack Obama is meeting with Hillary Clinton tonight.”

At 9:29pmET, Larry King announced, “CNN has confirmed Senators Obama and Clinton are meeting in Washington, DC.”

One error in the early reporting of the story on MSNBC and CNN was that the meeting was being held at Sen. Clinton’s Washington home. Apparently, reporters who noticed a large number of suburbans outside Clinton’s home led them to believe that’s where the face-to-face was happening.

At 9:59pmET, when FNC first reported the news, Sean Hannity said, “A senior democratic source has confirmed that at this very hour Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama are meeting at an undisclosed Washington, DC location.”