O.J.’s Golfing Buddy Makes The Rounds

By Chris Ariens 

Walter Alexander, the first person jailed (and since released) in the O.J. Simpson case appeared on CBS and ABC this morning with his attorney by his side. Last night, a tipster suggested that Alexander’s appearance on the morning shows might have been done with conditions. Sources in the know at both networks say that’s not the case; no payments were made, no licensing agreements entered into.

And during The Early Show interview, Alexander may have said too much about where he was the night of the alleged burglary; a fact Alexander’s attorney tried more than once to prevent his client from admitting, during an appearance last night on Larry King.

Walter Alexander: I was there and that was [Simpson’s] voice.

Julie Chen: and can you say — tell me what you were thinking when you were there and you heard O.J. Simpson saying those things?

Attorney Robert Rentzer: he’s actually gone one step further than we anticipated by telling you he was there. There doesn’t place him in the room, however. There places him at the hotel and I would prefer not to place him the room and have a conversation in that regard.

And that, my friends, is what lawyers are for.

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