No Rush for This Verdict

By SteveK 

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Less than two weeks into Dan Abrams‘ renamed program, Verdict, the MSNBC anchor has found himself, once again, in a feud with radio host Rush Limbaugh.

On Monday, Abrams attacked Limbaugh for, “trying to subvert democracy and inject dirty tricks into the Democratic nomination process.” Abrams was referring to Limbaugh’s calls for Republican voters to vote Democratic in Pennsylvania, or as Limbaugh’s dubbed it, “Operation Chaos.”

Yesterday Limbaugh responded directly to Abrams. “You know, Dan, your dad’s a great constitutional scholar and lawyer. Floyd Abrams is Dan Abrams’ dad,” said Limbaugh on his radio show. “What are you guys turning your party into the old Soviet Union politburo?”

So, what’s the verdict, Dan? Click continued to see Abrams response from last night…