‘Nightline Prime’ Returns to ABC

By Chris Ariens 

Nightline-LOGO-color-1“Nightline Prime” returns to the ABC schedule tomorrow night.

This new version of the show, which trades on the iconic “Nightline” brand, is using small, agile cameras and fast-paced, documentary-style storytelling sending reporters on a mission to, as ABC tells it, “go farther, closer and deeper” into the action of the story.

Stories include following a group of motorcyclists as they attempt to shut down traffic in a high speed game of cat-and-mouse with police; venturing into the barrios of Latin America where young women risk their lives for a new body; and flying high with a group of daredevils walking a tight rope between hot air balloons above Barcelona.

“Nightline Prime” airs at 9pmET/PT on ABC. It will go up against true crime editions of “Dateline” recently added to NBC’s Saturday schedule while venerable “48 Hours,” just renewed for a 27th season, continues on CBS at 10pmET/PT.