NFL Posts Record Ratings

By Noah Davis 

Here we are, halfway through the NFL season. That was fast, no?

It seems like every week we discuss what great ratings the telecasts are getting. And you know what? There’s reason why: This is the most-watched season ever through the first nine weeks.

More than 175 million fans have seen part of a game during the 2010 season, up five million from a year ago.

Better year (at least for the NFL execs): “NFL games account for the 14 most-watched programs on television since the NFL season kicked off on Sept. 9. This compares to NFL games accounting for the six most-watched shows at this point last season and none of the top 15 shows five years ago.”

A more numerical look at the success after the jump.

Here’s a screenshot of the most-watched programs since Sept. 9. That’s a lot of football. (And pretty well divided between Fox, CBS, and NBC, wouldn’t you say?)