Newsmax VP of Programming Accused of Sexual Harassment

By A.J. Katz 

An unflattering report about Newsmax was published Wednesday morning, accusing the network’s vp of programming of sexual harassment.

Several Newsmax staffers are claiming that Chris Knowles is guilty of sexual harassment, the media news site Mediaite reports. However, he continues to be employed by the conservative cable news outlet.

One Newsmax employee told Mediaite that she was the victim of Knowles’ sexual harassment. Two others claimed they personally saw Knowles sexually harassing female subordinates.


Several Newsmax employees apparently reported the alleged harassment to the network’s HR department, but claimed little was done in response. Knowles was told to correct his behavior but has faced no consequences, Mediaite reports.

There are apparently specific instances of alleged harassment by Knowles. Staffers told Mediaite that the executive sent out photos of a female staffer’s cleavage around the office without her knowledge or her consent. They said Knowles once asked a female staffer, in front of other colleagues, to take off her skirt. These alleged advances were said to be unwanted and unreciprocated.

Newsmax did not immediately respond to a TVNewser request for comment on this story. A spokesperson for Knowles, however, told Mediaite that Knowles “categorically denies that he had any inappropriate relationship with any employee or subordinate.”


UPDATE: Late Wednesday morning, a Newsmax spokesman provided the following statement to TVNewser:

“We’re surprised Mediaite would publish these false or misleading claims, considering its owner Dan Abrams is a prime-time host at NewsNation, which has hired multiple and confirmed sexual harassers for top positions at the network.”