Newseum Opens Katrina Exhibit

By kevin 

Washington D.C.’s Newseum today opened an exhibit focusing on the coverage of Hurricane Katrina. The unveiling of “Covering Katrina” is timed with the five-year anniversary of the disaster this weekend:

The exhibit chronicles the dramatic tale of the media’s reporting of the killer storm that shredded Mississippi’s coast… “Covering Katrina” examines the national media’s role in shining a spotlight on the horrific conditions facing residents and the difficulties in getting assistance into the ravaged region.

You can go here for more info and to see a video of emotional reporting from the disaster that the Newseum collected.

Fox News’ Shepard Smith appeared on a panel, which C-SPAN broadcast, coinciding with the new exhibit. “You prepare yourself mentally before you go to cover something, without thinking about it,” he said. “You don’t anticipate the collapse of society around you.” Video clip after the jump (via Mediaite).