News Anchors Head to Texas Following Harvey’s Devastating Floods

By Chris Ariens 

As the floodwaters in Texas continue to rise more TV news anchors have been dispatched to the region.

CBS This Morning co-anchor Norah O’Donnell landed in Dallas this morning and drove through sheets of rain on the 5-hour drive to Houston where she will anchor CBS Evening News tonight and an expanded CTM tomorrow and Tuesday. As TVSpy noted, the CBS affiliate in Houston was hard hit by the storm as floodwaters from the nearby Buffalo Bayou inundated the station’s newsroom and studio.

CBS News correspondents Jamie Yuccas, Mark Strassmann, David Begnaud, DeMarco Morgan, Jericka Duncan, Manuel Bojorquez, Omar Villafranca, Don Champion and Weija Jiang report.


Lester Holt and Tom Llamas will anchor NBC Nightly News and ABC’s World News Tonight, respectively, from Houston.

The cable news networks have been in continuing coverage all day. CNN’s Ed Lavandera has been reporting live from a boat in Dickinson, TX as crews have been going door to door rescuing those stranded by the rising floodwaters.