New York Post Takes On CNN’s Ferguson Coverage

By Brian Flood Comment

250CNNThe New York Post has spent plenty of time discussing issues at NBC News. This past weekend, it was CNN’s turn to be the target of the Post’s media coverage. CNN won every hour in the A25-54 demo on the day after the grand jury announcement, but apparently not everyone was satisfied with its approach.

Naomi Schaefer Riley of the Post wrote an article titled, “CNN is lying when they say Ferguson protests were peaceful.” The column focuses on CNN correspondents reporting that the majority of protesters were “peaceful” and the riots were simply the act of a few bad apples.

Where are these peaceful protesters? The reporters can’t seem to find any. Instead, they turn to outside experts and some carefully vetted religious leaders to talk about “the real message” of the protests.

The outside expert in question is Van Jones, who has also been criticized by Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik. CNN correspondent Jason Carroll and anchor Don Lemon are also condemned in the column.

From day one, CNN has twisted the Ferguson story. The network decided early on that an injustice had been done, contrary facts aside. When the grand jury decided not to indict, CNN was primed for outrage, because there was no way Officer Darren Wilson could have acted appropriately. The network helped stir up a nation to the point of violence. Yet, since the protesters must always be on the side of the angels, CNN lies about the destruction that follows.

Schaefer Riley goes on to say CNN has “lost all sense of its role” and disapproves of an on-air conversation regarding the relevance of comments made by Michael Brown‘s stepfather. Until last year, the New York Post and CNN competitor Fox News Channel were both owned by News Corp. Do you agree with the Post’s opinion of CNN’s Ferguson coverage? Let us know in the comments…