New Year’s: Cooper & Company On CNN

By Brian 

Photo of CNN’s New Year’s team on Dec. 31, 2005 from

CNN will air “New Year’s Live with Anderson Cooper from 11pm to 1am on Sunday.

Correspondents include Sean Callebs in New Orleans, Robin Meade in Chicago, Kyra Phillips also in Time Square, Rick Sanchez in San Antonio, and John Zarrella in Key West. Musical performances include the Killers, the B-52s, the Goo Goo Dolls, Sister Hazel, Montgomery Gentry, Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New York, Lionel Richie, Smash Mouth, OK Go, Rockstar: Supernova, Nelly Furtado, and Scissor Sisters.

Unfortunately, 360 has cheapened its “Keeping Them Honest” brand by turning it into a contest — “Keeping Them Honest in ’06” — allowing viewers “to submit nominations for citizens who challenged authorities to do the right thing this year.” The winner will be unveiled during the show. Here’s the press release…