New Nightline: Monday’s Lineup

By Brian 

ABC has announced the lineup for the new Nightline on Monday night:

“Nightline co-anchor Terry Moran is in Iraq. All week, Terry will be reporting on the crucial question being debated in Congress and the country: Has the time come for the US to end the occupation and withdraw its forces? For his report on Monday, Terry is out with the Iraqi Security Forces who are beginning, in some areas, to take on full military responsibility. In one of the first reports outside of a training mission, he is on night patrol with the Iraqis — talking to them about how they will carry on once U.S. soldiers have left. Plus, Terry will have a report from inside the courtroom at the trial of Saddam Hussein.

Co-anchor Martin Bashir traveled to Southern California to report on the Riverside Cubs, the California School for the Deaf, Riverside’s football squad and its best season in its 52-year history. The only deaf team in their league, the Cubs are looking to complete the season undefeated. Mr. Bashir talks to the players, their coach and families about the impact their success is having on their community.”