New NBC Show, Sounds A Lot Like a New ABC Show

By Chris Ariens 

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Josh Elliott is back reporting for NBC News. The former “Good Morning America” co-host, who now works primarily for NBC Sports, is hosting a 3-part “Dateline” series called “Escape,” which NBC says will feature “powerful first-hand stories of survival and recovery from ordinary people who faced extraordinary circumstances.”

Interestingly, the series sounds a lot like a new show from Elliott’s old network. ABC says its new series, “In An Instant” (which had the working title “Moment of Truth,”) “includes gripping first person interviews with the people who lived to tell their stories – and those who were instrumental in helping them survive.”

But wait! There’re more. From CBS News there’s “Live to Tell,” which has been around since 2009. CBS says “LIVE TO TELL is a short-run series from the producers of 48 HOURS delivering first-hand accounts of extraordinary people who refuse to give up when facing death.” The most recent episode in January delivered 5.1 million viewers.

NBC’s “Escape” debuts Sunday, March 1, and continues March 8 and March 15.

ABC’s “In An Instant” debuts Friday, March 6, before moving to its regular timeslot Saturday, March 7.

So if you’re looking for gripping first-person stories of survival, March is your kind of month.