New Look for ‘Today’

By Chris Ariens 

The Today show… all four hours of it… debuted a new graphics look and opens today., which covers these sorts of things, has some thoughts:

One interesting choice is the introduction of a lime green color as an accent. While previous ‘Today’ graphics did use a teal green shade in lower thirds, the show has stuck to bold golds and reds for the past few years. That said, the green does add a pop of color that isn’t found in other morning show graphics. Like the MSNBC look, the new graphics have a floating box that runs across the bottom of the screen, allowing stations to use it as a ticker. This box’s size seems a bit too large and its white hue makes it stand out a bit too much for something that should be a bit more subtle.

However, this creates a strange look that almost seems to be a mistake when a lower third is shown, as seen in the image above. The stacking approach looks a bit odd and the two elements don’t seem integrated with each other.

After the jump, “Your Day is Today,” a new music video to promote the show that has a very Jonas Brothers sound to it and features the 10 on-air hosts/anchors in typical anchor promo mode: tossing scripts in the air, playing air guitar, general dance moves, etc.

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