New & Improved DaySide To Debut On FNC Monday; “We’re Hoping To Shake Things Up A Bit,” Juliet Huddy Says

By Brian 

When DaySide returns to FNC on Monday afternoon, viewers may not recognize it.

“It’s going to be a real departure from the original DaySide,” new co-host Juliet Huddy told TVNewser this afternoon.

The name and the studio audience are staying the same, but the hosts are changing, and the format of the program is, too. “We’re hoping to shake things up a bit,” she said.

“We want to cover the stories that aren’t necessarily the lead stories of the day, that aren’t necessarily topping every other cable newscast, but are hot, controversial, exciting, intriguing stories that people are either talking about right now, or that people won’t stop talking about once they hear about it on DaySide,” she added.

Huddy and co-host Mike Jerrick have a “strange chemistry” that was apparent on Fox & Friends Weekend. Jerrick likes the say the new program will have a “ribbon of personality.”

While FNC is far and away the #1 cable news network, revamping programs like DaySide demonstrates that the network isn’t content to coast on its success.

“We’re such a strong network right now, we’re getting great ratings, but we don’t want to just rest on our laurels and kick back,” Huddy said. “We want to keep moving ahead.”