New CNNI Graphics Premiere On Feb. 5

By Brian 

“CNN International is revamping its on-air look Feb. 5, ditching its ticker, changing its fonts and bumping its logo to the top of the screen to make its appearance less cluttered,” Broadcasting & Cable reports. Here are some of the changes, according to Anne Becker:

> “Headline fonts will be changed to block lettering…Fonts will be color-coded…”

> “The network’s scrolling news ticker will be replaced by a rotating news ‘flipper,’ which will display one complete sentence or story at a time.”

> “The network’s logo…has been moved from the bottom right part of the screen to the top left…The word ‘live’ will appear over the shadowed globe for live stories.”

In 2005 CNN/U.S. made its graphics larger, bolder, and louder. Thankfully, CNNI is going in the opposite direction. Senior VP Rena Golden says “The uncluttered screen and enhanced concise graphics will now allow our video and journalism to breathe fully.”

> Also: “It plans to introduce new sets in Atlanta, London and Hong Kong later this year.”