New CBS News Prez: Heyward Quotes

By Brian 

> has posted an MP3 of Heyward’s Edward R. Murrow Award acceptance speech last week…

> Public Eye: “I want to take this opportunity to note the important role Heyward has played in the creation of Public Eye. Not every news division president welcomes the kind of introspection and questioning PE is here to facilitate, but Heyward possessed the foresight and guts to not only cooperate with us, but support our mission. For that, he deserves credit and our thanks.”

> TVNewser, October 5, 2005: A tipster says Heyward is: “Dead. Long gone. History. This is not a secret at the highest levels of the CBS Corp.”

> TVNewser, January 10, 2005: “Don’t expect Andrew Heyward to last more than a year as president of CBS News.”