Never Out of Style, CNN Makes Room For Fashion Coverage

By Chris Ariens 

CNN's Alina Cho interviews Chanel's Karl Lagerfeld for "Fashion: Backstage Pass"

It’s not all about wars, politics and Anderson Cooper at CNN.

Remember Elsa Klensch, the Australian-American fashion journalist who hosted the weekly “Style with Elsa Klensch” for 20 years on CNN?

The show ran until 2001, but as the world changed in the last decade, so did the programming on the cable news networks.

But over the last year, CNN has made new designs on the fashion world with specials hosted by CNN correspondent Alina Cho.

“You know, the interesting thing is that I have never met Elsa,” Cho tells TVNewser. “I’d like to. I work with some of the people who worked with her back in the day so I feel as though I know her already, and I certainly admire what she did in terms of fashion coverage.”

This weekend, Cho hosts her fourth half-hour “Fashion: Backstage Pass” which takes viewers to the Paris fashion shows.

So how does fashion fit in with Fallujah? And is there room for Romney and Lagerfeld on CNN?

“Hard news is CNN’s ‘bread and butter,’” says Cho. “But our viewers are three dimensional and our coverage reflects that. I think covering fashion makes me a well-rounded journalist.”

“My most recent trip to Paris and my assignment to North Korea a year ago are my most memorable trips as a correspondent,” says Cho. “And the topics couldn’t be more different.” In fact, Cho has made several reporting trips to the country where he parents were born, and she’s as comfortable in Seoul as she is in Paris. “I am passionate about news of all stripes and have a particular love of fashion.”

And that love continues into the Winter as Cho is already planning a February special for New York’s Fashion Week.

“Fashion: Backstage Pass” airs Saturday at 2:30pmET.