Networks to Carry Presidential Debt Ceiling Address in Primetime

By Alex Weprin 

Updated: President Obama will address the nation for around 15 minutes at 9 PM ET tonight, and the broadcast networks are all planning to carry it. Update: House Speaker John Boehner will present a statement of his own following the President. Boehner’s statement is expected to begin 2-3 minutes after Obama’s and will last 6-7 minutes.

On NBC, Brian Williams will anchor the special report, with David Gregory reporting from Washington on the President’s remarks and Boehner’s response. On CBS, Bob Schieffer will anchor a special report for Obama’s address and Boehner’s response, with Norah O’Donnell reporting from the White House. On Fox, the statement will be a “level 1,” with Shepard Smith set to anchor. ABC will also be carrying the address and Boehner’s response, with George Stephanopoulos anchoring.

As for the cable news channels:

On Fox News, Bill O’Reilly will end his show at 8:55, throwing to Bret Baier in Washington D.C., who will lead the channel’s coverage along with a panel of commentators. Baier will throw to Hannity, provided there is time, while Greta Van Susteren will be live from 10PM-12AM.

On CNN, Wolf Blitzer will anchor, throwing to Piers Morgan during the 9 PM hour after the address. Morgan’s show will focus on the debt ceiling, with another enw episode at 12 AM focusing on debt, Norway and Amy Winehouse.

On MSNBC, Lawrence O’Donnell will anchor (Rachel Maddow is out today) and will host a special edition of his program at 11 PM ET.

CNBC will be carrying the address live, as will Fox Business Network and Bloomberg TV.
To be updated…