Network plans for Obama remarks on Libya

By Chris Ariens 

Here’s what the cable networks are planning for coverage of Pres. Obama’s address on Libya tonight at 7:30pmET from the National Defense University.

  • Bloomberg’s executive editor Al Hunt and Julianna Goldman anchor coverage from Bloomberg TV’s Washington bureau.
  • CNN will lead into the president’s remarks with John King and lead out with Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper anchoring special coverage along with King, Eliot Spitzer, and Fareed Zakaria, as well as CNN International correspondents Nic Robertson and Arwa Damon up until the 9pm hour when “Piers Morgan Tonight” begins.
  • CNBC’s Larry Kudlow anchors coverage during “The Kudlow Report.”
  • Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto anchors “FOX Business Special Report: Target Libya. A Presidential Address” beginning at 7:30pm.
  • Fox News Channel’s Shepard Smith anchors during “FOX Report.” Coverage continues at 8pmET as Bill O’Reilly talks with Brit Hume.
  • MSNBC’s Chuck Todd is in for Chris Matthews and will anchor coverage during “Hardball.” Primetime is as normal with the network adding a live special at 11pmET on the situation in Middle East and North Africa which will include NBC’s Richard Engel reporting from Libya.

Broadcast network plans can be found here.