Neil Cavuto Wonders Why CNN Never Stood Up For Fox News During Obama Administration

By A.J. Katz 

Neil Cavuto can relate to the position CNN is currently in right now, but doesn’t feel a desire to support them. During yesterday’s broadcast of his Fox News program Your World, Cavuto brought up the CNN-Trump feud, which escalated during Wednesday’s press conference when the Pres.-elect refused to allow CNN’s Jim Acosta to ask a question and referred to his network as “fake news” in light of their reporting on documents about Trump.

Cavuto explained how his network has been dealing with push back and unfair treatment from the Obama administration for the past 8 years.

“How does it feel to be dismissed or worse, ignored?,” Cavuto asked. “It’s not fun, is it?”

He also wondered aloud why CNN and other media outlets weren’t coming to Fox News’ defense when its reporters were as he put it “dismissed, treated unfairly, unkindly, or rudely” by Obama administration officials, . But Cavuto failed to remember that in 2010, it was CNN correspondent Ed Henry who stood up for Fox News and helped them get a front row seat in the briefing room. Henry left CNN for Fox the following year.

Cavuto’s colleague Shep Smith came to CNN’s defense during his program on Wednesday.

“They say payback’s a bitch,” Cavuto said. “If only you would take a moment to rewind the tape and see the shoe was on the other foot, or am I confusing it with the one now kicking you in the ass?”