Neil Cavuto Takes On MSNBC: ‘These Guys Taking Pot Shots at Ann Romney are Horse’s Asses’

By Merrill Knox 

Neil Cavuto, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, is defending Ann Romney’s use of dressage to treat her own MS. Also called hippotherapy or equine treatment, it “refers to the use of horseback riding as a treatment for medical conditions, namely for treating walking difficulties,” Cavuto said yesterday on his Fox News program. Cavuto specifically referenced MSNBC during the segment:

So go ahead and have a good stupid laugh over Ann and her horses and whether they have anything to do with her illness. Ignore the fact she got really into this big-time about the time she was diagnosed with this illness — you might want to look that up. It just seems odd to me that a network with the very letters “M-S” in its name wouldn’t resist making fun of someone who has to live with MS every day … These guys taking pot shots at Ann Romney are horse’s asses.

Although Cavuto does not mention any specific MSNBC anchor, Lawrence O’Donnell took on the topic of dressage on “The Last Word” Monday, saying:

Now, this is not in any way to make light of Ann Romney’s difficulty with MS, it’s obviously a very difficult thing to bear … Dressage does not appear in any of the more traditional courses of treatment. And if it’s true that dressage is how wildly rich people deal with this very difficult personal health problem, then why, why does the horse appear on Mitt Romney’s tax return as a business expense, that in 2010 produced a $77,000 business deduction?

Romney recently sat down for an interview about her health with Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel. That interview will air tonight on “Special Report.” Watch Cavuto’s segment here: