NBC’s Chuck Todd Loses Goatee Gamble

By kevin 

Our colleagues down at FishbowlDC have been closely following the facial hair bet between ABC’s Jake Tapper and NBC’s Chuck Todd. The two White House correspondents agreed that, depending the NLCS outcome, Todd would have to shave or Tapper would have to grow a goatee. A charitable donation alternative was also negotiated.

Well, the Phillies locked up their trip to the World Series with a 10-4 win over the Dodgers last night. And that means it’s time to break out Barbasol! (Or the checkbook, but hopefully the Barbasol too.) FishbowlDC writes, “Now while we couldn’t get an official answer from either of the White House correspondents on whether Todd will shave or donate, there’s been plenty of banter on Twitter.”

Tapper’s post-game tweets last night:

• (sound of electric razor)….Goatee: OHS NOS!!!// Chuck: I’m sorry, but I have to do this.// Goatee: but Chuck, I LOVE YOU!!!

• Goatee must go/ Tis true, fah rilz/ Should not have bet/ Against the Phils BURMA SHAVE #ShaveThatPuppy #PhilliesRock #GoateeGamble

• it’s great, because at home i have my baby son, and at work i will have @chucktpolitical whose chin will soon be smooth as a babys behind

• in his live shots/he does never ramble/ and yet he lost/ the #GoateeGamble. BURMA SHAVE @chucktpolitical!

And here’s Todd’s:

• So the last time I shaved the goatee, it took a while. First a close trim, then the electric, finally, the straight razor.

• So maybe I need a professional. Old school barber? Ideas?